USPS Informed Delivery is a free service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows you to digitally preview your mail and manage your packages. This service offers a convenient way to stay informed about the mail you are receiving and helps you manage your deliveries more effectively.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how USPS Informed Delivery works:

  • 1. Sign up for the service: To begin using USPS Informed Delivery, you need to create an account on the USPS website ( During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your personal information, including your name, address, and email address. Once your account is created, you can enroll in Informed Delivery by following the prompts.
  • 2. Verify your identity: To ensure the security and privacy of your mail, USPS requires you to verify your identity during the enrollment process. This may involve answering security questions based on your personal information or receiving a verification code via mail. Once your identity is verified, you will be granted access to the Informed Delivery service.
  • 3. Receive daily notifications: After enrolling in Informed Delivery, you will start receiving daily email notifications containing grayscale images of the exterior of your incoming letter-sized mail. These images provide a preview of the mail you can expect to receive that day, allowing you to stay informed even when you’re away from home.
  • 4. Access your dashboard: In addition to email notifications, you can also view your mail images and manage your packages through the Informed Delivery dashboard on the USPS website or mobile app. The dashboard provides a centralized location for you to track your incoming mail, view package details, and set up delivery preferences.
  • 5. Manage your packages: USPS Informed Delivery allows you to manage your packages more effectively by providing real-time tracking information and delivery options. You can track the status of your packages, provide delivery instructions, schedule a redelivery, or authorize a shipment release, all from the convenience of your Informed Delivery dashboard.
  • 6. Stay informed about important mail: Informed Delivery helps you stay on top of important mail, such as bills, checks, or legal documents, by providing advance notice of their arrival. This can help you plan accordingly and ensure that you don’t miss any crucial deadlines or payments.

In summary, USPS Informed Delivery is a valuable tool that allows you to digitally preview your mail and manage your packages with ease. By signing up for this free service, you can stay informed about your incoming mail, track your packages, and customize your delivery preferences, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Learn more

USPS Informed Delivery is a convenient service that allows you to digitally preview your mail and manage your packages. To learn more about how USPS Informed Delivery works, follow these steps on the United States Postal Service (USPS) website,

  • 1. Visit the USPS website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official USPS website at
  • 2. Locate the “Quick Tools” menu: On the homepage, you will find a menu labeled “Quick Tools” at the top left corner of the screen. Hover your cursor over this menu to reveal a dropdown list of options.
  • 3. Access the Informed Delivery page: From the dropdown list, click on the “Informed Delivery” option. This will direct you to the main Informed Delivery page, which provides an overview of the service and its features.
  • 4. Explore the features: On the Informed Delivery page, you will find information about the various features of the service, such as digital previews of your mail, package tracking, and delivery notifications. Read through the descriptions to gain a better understanding of how Informed Delivery works and how it can benefit you.
  • 5. Watch the video tutorial: On the same page, you will find a video tutorial that provides a visual demonstration of how Informed Delivery works. Click the “Play” button to watch the video and learn more about the service.
  • 6. Read the FAQs: For more detailed information, scroll down to the bottom of the Informed Delivery page and click on the “FAQs” link. This will take you to a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers about the service, covering topics such as eligibility, registration, and troubleshooting.
  • 7. Sign up for Informed Delivery: If you are interested in using the service, click the “Sign Up for Free” button on the Informed Delivery page. You will be prompted to create a USPS account or sign in to your existing account. Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process for Informed Delivery.

By following these steps, you will gain a thorough understanding of how USPS Informed Delivery works and how it can help you stay informed about your mail and packages.

Additional resources

In addition to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Informed Delivery website, there are several other government resources that can provide valuable information and assistance related to this service. These resources include:

  • 1. USPS PostalPro: This is the official technical support site for the mailing industry, offering guidelines, resources, and tools for businesses and individuals who use USPS services. PostalPro can provide detailed information on Informed Delivery, including its features, benefits, and requirements.
  • 2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Information: The FTC is responsible for protecting consumers from deceptive and unfair business practices. Their Consumer Information website offers tips and advice on various topics, including mail and package delivery. This resource can help users understand their rights and protections when using services like Informed Delivery.
  • 3. National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW): NCPW is a coordinated campaign that encourages consumers to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions. During this week, various government agencies, including USPS, share information and resources related to consumer protection, which may include Informed Delivery.
  • 4. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Consumer Help Center: The FCC regulates interstate and international communications, including mail and package delivery services. Their Consumer Help Center offers information and resources on various topics, including privacy and security, which may be relevant to users of Informed Delivery.

By exploring these government resources, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how USPS Informed Delivery works, its benefits, and any potential concerns or issues related to the service.

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